[Internazionale] “Puzzle americani” (American Puzzle)


Photo: Wrong way arrow, Coney Island, 1968.

June 25, 2015

The Steven Kasher Gallery in New York presents an exhibition dedicated to Burk Uzzle, the youngest photographer ever hired by Life. Uzzle worked as a photographer since he was a teenager, and at 23 years, in 1962, he began to collaborate with the magazine. Life for travels around the world, although he confesses to be much more attracted to small towns and the most common situations of everyday life.

In 1967 Uzzle joined the Magnum agency of which he became president in 1979 and 1980. During his career creates iconic images of the Woodstock festival, Cambodian refugees of war and the assassination and funeral of Martin Luther King . But, as explained by the American critic Vicki Goldberg, the true love of Uzzle is for his country: “America has loved his funny side and do not change even a hair. He appreciated the saddest moments and its imperfections, its beauty and its rebellious always different aspirations. ”

“His images are often of visual puzzles, sometimes ironic, but sophisticated use of light and space, with moments of absurdity and surrealism,” says photo editor Myles Little Time. The exhibition, which will end on July 31, is titled precisely Burk Uzzle: American puzzles and brings together a selection of seventy prints in black and white taken from the sixties until today.

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