Steven Kasher Gallery

552f0e5b-87d1-4daa-84ac-b5d70af3aa71Photo: Wigwam Motel, Arizona, 2005

June 16, 2015

I’m thrilled to be in the beautiful Steven Kasher Gallery until July 31 with work from the early years with LIFE and Magnum, and into the ’80s. The curation of so much diverse work and the sensitive presentation in his gallery is one the highlights of my life.

Even now, working often with large format and color (and still loving B&W), the formative ideas and achievements recognized in this show are the backbone of all that I do.

I especially appreciate the capacity for humor, and the twinkle in the eye of Steven Kasher that seems so like how I feel when out there in this country that I love so much.

Thanks to everyone at the Steven Kasher Gallery!

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